Elevating front-end engagement for Aston Martin F1.

Engagement: 2021 to present
Live Project:
Position: Front End Lead / ekino
Contentful, PugJS, Locomotive Scroll, GSAP, TailwindCSS
Project: Aston Martin Formula One.

In creating an immersive website that adds a new dimension and captivating story, our challenge was to craft a digital platform that truly embodies the essence of the Aston Martin F1 team. As a space for fans to actively engage with all aspects of the team's endeavors, our goal was to not only provide information but to reflect the world beyond the track. Our vision was to push the boundaries, progressively driving both the team and the sport forwards, while inviting everyone along for an exhilarating ride.

Through ingenious UI and animation blocks, we aimed to give voice to all kinds of F1 enthusiasts, encouraging user-generated stories and behind-the-scenes content. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate these animation blocks to add a layer of interactivity and storytelling, captivating fans and elevating their overall experience on the Aston Martin F1 website.

Aston Martin F1

The debrief by Aramco

Fernando charges to P2 in Canada


F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2022

Aston Martin F1

Canadian Grand Prix

Sixth podium of the season

Dynamic Parallax Effects

Enhancing front-end visual appeal with dynamic parallax effects, the strategic implementation of which enriches the front-end visual experience. This addition adds depth and interactivity that captivates users and elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of the website. Parallax scrolling is particularly effective in scenarios involving powerful visual galleries or linear storytelling, allowing Aston Martin to bring enhanced functionality and energy to it's homepage.

360 Immersive Visuals

By harnessing the immersive potential of 360 images, Aston Martin has successfully elevated user engagement to new heights. These stunning visuals unlock a realm of interactivity, empowering visitors to delve into captivating experiences and explore the latest car launches with unparalleled depth and excitement.

Aston Martin F1

If a group of guys can dress in onesies and get away with it, then why not?!

We recognise that we don't just have an opportunity to use our global platform for good, we have a responsibility to do so – to inspire people and have a positive impact on society.

Martin Whitmarsh-Group CEO, Aston Martin Performance Technologies

Elevating UX with Animated Copy

We have enhanced user experience with creative design elements like split text and animated copy. These interactive features bring our front-end to life, making content more engaging and memorable for our visitors.

With improved readability and captivating animations, our digital realm offers an unforgettable journey for every user.

Sticky Content Blocks

To enhance the user experience, we've implemented sticky content blocks that remain fixed on the screen while visitors horizontally scroll through Aston Martin's captivating articles. This seamless feature enables users to effortlessly delve into the content, accessing vital information and engaging visuals without losing sight of the main narrative.

This innovative design approach streamlines navigation, empowering the audience to enjoy an uninterrupted and immersive journey through our articles.

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