Hear me while you can: An immersive journey into nature's soundscapes.

Engagement: 2021
Position: Front End Lead / Inviqa
Next.js, Netlify, Gsap, Three.js
Project: Listen For Change.

We took great pride in developing a compelling website for Conservation International, dedicated to promoting their impactful "Hear Me While You Can" campaign — an initiative giving nature a voice. Through our platform, visitors were invited to immerse themselves in a breathtaking auditory journey. Listening closely, they can explore the enchanting soundscapes of nature — be it the intricate melodies of birdsongs, the gentle hum of insects, or the soothing babble of trickling streams — that transcends borders and continents.

Our interactive website allows users to delve deeper into these distinctive regions, experiencing the sounds that need protection and understanding the urgency of safeguarding them. As users explore these vulnerable areas, they simultaneously contribute to fundraising efforts through streams of donations, empowering them to make a tangible impact on the preservation of these delicate ecosystems.

3D Globe Navigation

A highlight of the website is its utilization of a captivating 3D globe, which skillfully transports users across the globe, vividly displaying the scale of the environmental challenges we collectively face.

Guianan Coast
South America
Guianan Coast
South America

Elastic Text and Inertia

Subtle effects such as elastic text and scroll inertia adds an element of dynamism into the scrolling process, creating a delightful bounce-back effect as users navigate through our content. The elasticity of the text not only adds a playful touch but also enhances readability, ensuring that users stay engaged and immersed as they explore.

Scroll Down
Scroll Down
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Fixed Anchor Navigation

Fixed anchor links allows users to effortlessly traverse the page as they scroll, with the anchor link updating dynamically to indicate their current section - providing quick access to essential sections whilst promoting easy exploration of the website's diverse offerings

The result provides a seamless and intuitive journey through the page content, empowering users to focus on what matters most.

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